Stahlwerk Reportage



In the London-based photographer David Vintiner we found a kindred spirit. We brought him over to Germany to shoot Neue Hammerhalle, the first of our projects at the small rural steelworks, but this one-off job was to lead to something far deeper and more personal. As well as coming back to shoot our work on Stahlwerk Aufstockung and Stahlwerk Anbau, he was inspired to carry out his own photographic reportage and delve deeper into what he saw.

David’s documentation of the people, buildings and artefacts paints a sensitive portrait of an industry at once full of nostalgia and driven towards modernisation. His photographs have, without a doubt, informed and shaped our experience of working at Stahlwerk Augustfehn, and we found a fitting way to celebrate our collaboration in The Architecture of Memory, an exhibition for the London Festival of Architecture in 2017.