Stahlwerk Anbau



After our successful transformation of the Neue Hammerhalle steel forge, our client presented us with a new challenge: to give their nineteenth-century steam engine a new and fitting home. It’s a remarkable piece of technology and the only one of its kind still in working order, so our plan was – quite literally – to build a showcase. It would be on display for all to see, conveying the company’s pride in its history and boosting its modern-day reputation.

 The steam engine is not the only early-twentieth-century production machine on show here; it takes its place among other decommissioned early-twentieth-century production machines located around the working buildings. But it’s certainly the most stunningly displayed. The glass showcase is perched on a cantilevered concrete plinth, and the steam engine sits proudly within, clearly visible from every angle.

Stahlwerk Anbau was shortlisted – along with Neue Hammerhalle and Stahlwerk Aufstockung – for the 2018 AJ Retrofit Awards. And our photographer David Vintiner was so inspired by the project that he went on to do his own photographic reportage, which you can see here. He, too, values tradition, craft and innovation. And, like us, he sees beauty in industry.

Photography and film by David Vintiner