Stahlwerk Anbau



After the successful transformation of the Neue Hammerhalle steel factory, we were invited by the same client to re-house a nineteenth-century steam engine, following the demolition of the dilapidating original premises. The goal of this project was to make this remarkable piece of technology – the only one of its kind still in operation – accessible to the public, and boosting the company’s profile in the process.

The steam engine is displayed in an enclosed vitrine delicately perched on a cantilevered concrete plinth; it forms part of a semi-public open air industrial museum of decommissioned early-twentieth-century production machines located in the area surrounding the company’s office building.

The project was shortlisted for the 2013 AJ small project awards & together with the Stahlwerk Aufstockung and Neue Hammerhalle, were shortlisted for the 2018 AJ Retrofit Awards.

Photography and film by David Vintiner

When shooting our Stahlwerk projects, David was inspired by the rich history of this small steel factory so he carried out his own photographic reportage documenting the buildings and their inhabitants, some of which have since made way for new facilities. With David’s kind permission we show his brilliant work on in our ‘Craft’ section as it resonates with our values of tradition, craft, innovation and, simply, beauty.