Sheldon Avenue Stair


In some people’s eyes, a staircase is nothing more than a functional thing. But if we allow ourselves to think of it as a piece of sculpture, a piece of art, then the possibilities are endless. With a house as stunning as this one and a backdrop on a grand scale – a triple-height, light-filled entrance hall – we knew it had to be something out of the ordinary.

We’d chosen our collaborators carefully – people who were craftsmen at heart, who were as excited as us by the possibilities, and would expend every ounce of ingenuity in the service of beautiful design. Now a cantilevered solid-steel staircase winds down from above like a delicate, helical ribbon. If it looks, in its simplicity and its elegance, as if it’s always been here, we know that every effort, every detail to be grappled with, and every logistical complication was worth it.

Our photographer, Will Scott, was on hand to record both the making of the staircase down in Littlehampton and its skilful installation. His little film of the process is the best proof we can give that we – and our partners – will stop at nothing to give a stunning home its glorious centrepiece.