A new home is the very best kind of emotional investment. It’s a time of hope, excitement and creative energy. You’ll be bringing these to the table, and so will we. But we know, too, that financial investment underpins everything. Because beautiful designs and striking spaces have to provide a great return on both kinds of investment.

So how do we get there? Within every brief there’ll be an intellectual problem that we can start to grapple with. If we had to put it into words, we might say it was a search for meaning. And that’s a process of understanding our client, unlocking the beauty and usefulness of a building, and carrying this through into every detail, every material, every inch of space and light.

We’ll be learning everything we can about how you live – and, perhaps more importantly, how you want to live. Are you a family who wants the feeling of being together while having the space to be apart? Are you a couple just embarking on a new life, or perhaps a couple with ample time, at last, to spend together? The better we can get under the skin of your lives, the better we can make the building and the spaces work for you.

We’re practical and pragmatic, too. You’ll know that we’re dealing with planning, party wall agreements, procurement, budgets and building regulations. We’ll be there for you at every stage, helping you make informed decisions and allowing you to keep your excitement and creative energy alive.

Throughout, we’ll be drawing on our conversations to flesh out a style that we know will be just right. We relish injecting an element of drama or surprise, finding exactly the right accent colour, combining textures and layers to create a rich and characterful style, and mixing old with new.

We’ve worked on so many different spaces in our time as architects and designers, and yet we’ll never adopt such a thing as a signature style or off-the-shelf approach. Because residential architecture and residential interior design starts and finishes with you. And we’re always ready for the unexpected questions and conversations that a new client brings.



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