A new home is the very best kind of emotional investment. It’s a time of hope, excitement and creative energy. You’ll be bringing these to the table, and so will we. But we know, too, that financial investment underpins everything. Because beautiful designs and striking spaces have to provide a great return on both kinds of investment.

So how do we get there? Within every brief there’ll be an intellectual problem that we can start to grapple with. If we had to put it into words, we might say it was a search for meaning. And that’s a process of understanding our client, unlocking the beauty and usefulness of a building, and carrying this through into every detail, every material, every inch of space and light.

We’ll be learning everything we can about how you live – and, perhaps more importantly, how you want to live. Are you a family who wants the feeling of being together while having the space to be apart? Are you a couple just embarking on a new life, or perhaps a couple with ample time, at last, to spend together? The better we can get under the skin of your lives, the better we can make the building and the spaces work for you.

We’re practical and pragmatic, too. You’ll know that we’re dealing with planning, party wall agreements, procurement, budgets and building regulations. We’ll be there for you at every stage, helping you make informed decisions and allowing you to keep your excitement and creative energy alive.

Throughout, we’ll be drawing on our conversations to flesh out a style that we know will be just right. We relish injecting an element of drama or surprise, finding exactly the right accent colour, combining textures and layers to create a rich and characterful style, and mixing old with new.

We’ve worked on so many different spaces in our time as architects and designers, and yet we’ll never adopt such a thing as a signature style or off-the-shelf approach. Because residential architecture and residential interior design starts and finishes with you. And we’re always ready for the unexpected questions and conversations that a new client brings.



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Our is a complex business. There are so many things to consider – Planning, budgets, timescales, Building Regulations – and we juggle all of these. But sometimes it’s good to keep a space for something a little purer. So we’ll carve out a space for craftsmanship, for the art of making.

So much of what we do is bespoke, but this gives us the opportunity to go a little further, and gives you the chance to commission something truly special.  We’ll work with you to come up with an idea for this unexpected, artistic element – something that will make the project utterly distinctive and very much your own.

 We’ll set out upon this process of collaboration, exploration and experimentation together. It will have us thinking, talking and delving deep. First, we take a step back to reflect on every layer of your project. We’ll be considering its history, its materials, the details, the aesthetics. Then we experiment. We’ll test materials, form and function, until we know, almost instinctively, that we have our idea.

 Now you can leave it to us. To craft something so bespoke and individual to you, we draw on skills and traditions which go back generations and centuries. When we think about this pure space at the heart of every project, the idea of ‘craft’ always comes to mind. That word ‘bespoke’ resonates too – a word which, like ‘craft’, harks back to other times.


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Business is a complex process, and long before we put pen to paper and start sketching out our ideas, we’re balancing every one of your priorities. Design is always part of the bigger picture, whatever your project – commercial architecture, commercial interior design, restaurant design or hospitality design.

So it’s never too early to get us on board. We don’t just want to understand the business case for your project; we want to be there to help you shape it. Viability studies, Gross Development Value (GDV), land value assessment, and even the mapping out of production workflows – these are very much our business as well as yours. It’s only when we’ve got to grips with these technical questions that we’ll start thinking about how we can add value through great design and get you closer to your long-term goals.

Once we’ve helped you decide to invest in a site, our designs will start to evolve. We’ll look at how you can make the most of every inch and every corner, and how each space will flow easily into the next. We’ll be working with you to develop a strong, clear identity through the interior design. And even on the most industrial of projects, we’re mindful of how people will use – and enjoy – a space. So we bring together clever commercial design and a very human, domestic sensitivity.

Complex procurement and cost consultancy are an integral part of what we do – and if the deadlines are tight, we take that in our stride too. We’ll be weighing everything up against your budget and your timescale, and we’ll price up every detail. So we manage the project seamlessly, keeping track of every aspect.

Handing over the keys is always a big moment for us. But we’ll still be there in the days that follow, evaluating every detail and watching as your new space is put through its paces. It’s a fundamental part of our approach, and it’s how we’ve built up such an in-depth and intimate understanding of your business.



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