The annual London Festival of Architecture (LFA) – a month-long, citywide celebration of architectural experimentation, thinking and practice – will return to venues across the capital throughout June 2016. The theme of the 2016 London Festival of Architecture is ‘Community’ and will feature a programme of exhibitions and events organised by London’s leading architectural, cultural and academic institutions and practising architects, designers, curators and community groups.

The programme will respond to the theme by exploring the central role that architecture plays in developing ideas of community. With our presentation, we will explore what community means in today’s London: how will the enormous changes London is facing and issues such as climate change, the under-supply of housing and record levels of immigration affect the way we live and work together? How will we protect the existing in the face of the new and build cohesive, sustainable spaces? where people can live fulfilling lives, be cared for when they’re older or sick and inspired when they’re young? Architecture is the tool that can unlock our ability to create these communities in the long term.

The theme of community builds on the LFA legacy as a catalyst for change by proposing ways in which Londoners, as well as visitors to this global city, can participate actively in its processes of change. From reinterpreting familiar places through new installations and animations to testing interactive forms of consultation and planning for future urban development, festival participants will be encouraged to comment on and propose ideas for improving the city around them.