our story

We want you to walk into a space and stop for a second.

We want you to be blown away.


As students, we were excited by what we would one day create as architects and designers. All these years later, we still find new ways of rekindling the sense of possibility that we find on the pages of our student notebooks. How can we frame light and space to create impact? How can we harness natural materials to do something unexpected? How can we make the most of every little detail to create something extraordinary? The small things matter to us as much as the bigger things, and being alert to every possibility matters most of all.


Tradition matters to us, too. We are – every one of us – inspired by the way things have always been done, by the age-old craft of making, by enduring materials such as marble, timber and steel. We’re drawn to the carpenter’s workshop, to the smells and the sawdust, and we delight in the clean, simple lines of mid-century furniture. Often, it’s the classical, timeless designs that we appreciate the most.


Our projects are our way of bringing together all of these things. And every project is our chance to do something different, with a bold and distinctive idea at the heart of it which makes it inherently bespoke and personal to you. We never take the beaten track. We develop and shape our ideas carefully, thinking through every possibility, drawing by hand, making models, and handling different materials. From the first sketch, you’ll sense the possibilities. And through our intricate models you’ll start to understand the spaces we’re creating for you.


But however well prepared you are, you’ll still be surprised by the impact that light, space and materials can have when we bring them together in just the right way. We love that moment of revelation. In the end, that’s what it’s all about.




We have studios in London and Hamburg, and we enjoy being part of the fabric of both these European cities. It means we’re always looking beyond our own borders, and we’re open to new perspectives and influences that come our way. We meet often – the London crew visiting the Hamburg crew and vice versa, and all of us joining forces for trips to interesting cities further afield.


We’re also firm believers in the importance of local culture, place and community. Our London studio is right on Shoreditch High Street, so the creative energy and hustle of London is literally on our doorstep. We take part in architectural events, festivals and anything else that we feel we can contribute to, and we frequently head out – altogether – to museums, galleries and exhibitions. It keeps us learning, talking, and feeling part of London’s wider creative scene.


We set up our Hamburg studio because our portfolio of work in Germany was expanding, and managing our projects from afar just didn’t seem right. We wanted to be able to immerse ourselves in the cultural and architectural landscape of our clients, and we wanted to be on the ground to build real relationships with both our clients and our partners. Perhaps not coincidentally, we chose a neighbourhood not dissimilar to Shoreditch for our second base. It’s filled with architects, designers, artists and other creatives, and we feel right at home there.