project title


Setting up a new project:


 Begin by creating a new ‘index’ sheet in the ‘NOT LINKED’ area. (Two horizontal rectangles)

1.      Then DUPLICATE both the ‘project banner’ and ‘project content’ pages from this section.

Drag both pages so they sit within the new project index, banner image first, as per set up of previous projects,


·         click on the settings wheel next to the duplicated banner page and edit the image in the ‘media’ tab.

·         If using a video, select ‘video’ instead of the ‘image’ tab.

To upload a video:

-          log into our vimeo account, upload video clip and copy and paste the url link, into the squarespace website in the video tab described above.

-          (the url link can be found by logging onto vimeo, going to manage videos and going to the ‘share’ button which is a flying paper aeroplane. Then select ‘copy video link’.


Use these boxes and existing layout to edit the project content, description and gallery images below.

Remember to add project image into the associated gallery page - e.g. Architecture /Interior /Craft /Exhibition. And remember to LINK the image so it directs you to the project page you have just made!