Neue Hammerhalle



Neue Hammerhalle is the primary building of a steel factory in North Germany, owned and operated by Stahlwerk Augustfehn GmbH. Finkernagel Ross were invited to overhaul its main production plant and forge. We created a 2100-sqm new production facility, replacing the dilapidating 1900 building that housed the forging hammer that lends the building its name. Behind our approach to Neue Hammerhalle was a deep engagement with vernacular of the area as a whole and the old factory building it replaced, namely the traditional North German red brick of the building’s base on top of which cubes of industrial glass are placed. This semi-translucent glass enclosure gently reveals the buildings main structural frame and provides a hint at the glowing theatre of heavy industrial steel production that is the primary purpose of this building.

This project, together with Stahlwerk Anbau and the Stahlwerk Aufstockung were shortlisted for the 2018 AJ Retrofit Awards.

Photography by David Vintiner.

When shooting our Stahlwerk projects, David was inspired by the rich history of this small steel factory so he carried out his own photographic reportage documenting the buildings and their inhabitants, some of which have since made way for new facilities. With David’s kind permission we show his brilliant work on in our ‘Craft’ section as it resonates with our values of tradition, craft, innovation and, simply, beauty.