garden studio


As Architects working in London with residential clients, it is not uncommon to be asked to come up with ideas on how to expand or maximise space – especially lateral space.  More often than not the desire for this extra space is for uses that are temporary and have the possibility of being overlapped.  This was indeed the case with a previous client located in the East London Aldersbrook Conservation area on Woodlands Avenue.  A large garden meant that a garden studio could be built at the end and the wish for a place of solitude meant that the studio was strategically turned away from the house to face a small courtyard instead, providing both privacy and something of a view.    Taking inspiration from the vast woodland located behind the property, this garden studio - which has been designed to allow many uses at different times; a guestroom, cinema room, gym, and home office - was clad in unsealed timber which will weather to match the bark of the trees behind. 

Finkernagel Ross, through careful planning, were able to design, procure and build this garden studio within the space of two months.  Garden design services were then provided to ensure that the view from the house was a delight year-round. 

Photography by Andrew Boyd