bespoke DESk


It’s rare to be designing something just for ourselves, but it’s always an interesting experience. It gives us an insight into what it’s like to be on the other side – as clients attaching hopes, dreams and finances to a project. And, as designers of beautiful homes and workspaces, we’re perhaps the fussiest of clients.

We needed new workstations for our Shoreditch studio, and we would be working within a limited budget. Our reputation was growing and the studio was expanding, so flexibility was high on our list of priorities. The arrangement of desks would shift, and each one needed to allow for all sorts of configurations. Going with a modular design – in this case made up of four separate elements – was both common sense and the only solution. 

A few years have passed since the day our new desks took up their initial positions, and since then we’ve welcomed new colleagues to the team, moved things around, and put each element through its paces. Our infinitely flexible desks are performing – and looking – just as we’d envisaged.

The result was a set of 4 elements that make up each of station:

  • 32mm laminate-faced plywood top;

  • flat steel welded O-frame;

  • 15mm plywood pedestal, and.

  • 25mm lacquered dividing panel to support monitors

 The welded O-frames were sourced from Germany at 30% lower cost (despite freight) compared to London-based architectural metalworkers.  The joinery elements came from a UK-based joinery company; assembly was carried out by the FR team.