bespoke DESk


The work station was designed for our own use as part of a refurbishment and rearrangement of our Shoreditch office in 2016 to respond to a number of conditions: it needed to be compact and functional to accommodate an increase in staff and like all modular furniture it needed to be component-based to allow a multitude of possible arrangements.

The result was a set of 4 elements that make up each of station:

  • 32mm laminate-faced plywood top;

  • flat steel welded O-frame;

  • 15mm plywood pedestal, and.

  • 25mm lacquered dividing panel to support monitors

 The welded O-frames were sourced from Germany at 30% lower cost (despite freight) compared to London-based architectural metalworkers.  The joinery elements came from a UK-based joinery company; assembly was carried out by the FR team.