A restaurant has to be highly functional, commercially viable and provide a great experience for your customers. We know just how complex a business it is, and long before we put pen to paper and start sketching out our ideas, we’re balancing every one of your priorities.

 We’ll come on board when you’re first thinking about the viability of a site. Drawing on our industry knowledge and experience, we’ll work with you to establish whether a particular location is right for you.

 Once you’ve decided to invest in a site, our designs will start to evolve. We’ll look at how you can make the most of every inch and every corner, and how each space can flow easily into the next. And we’ll work with you to develop a strong, clear identity through the interior design. Thinking carefully about how to reflect your brand in the look and feel of a space is an integral part of what we do.

 We’ll be weighing everything up against your budget and your timescale, and we’ll price up every detail. If the deadlines are tight, we’ll take that in our stride. We’ll manage the project, keeping track of every detail.

 Handing over the keys is always a big moment for us. But we’ll still be there after your restaurant has opened its doors, evaluating every detail and watching as your new space is put through its paces. It’s a fundamental part of our approach, and it’s how we’ve built up such an in-depth and intimate understanding of the business.


Multi-Disciplinary Design . Project & Cost Management . Feasibility Studies . Visualisations .

Strategic Planning . Bar Design & Dressing . Bespoke Furniture Design . Bespoke Lighting Design