Ours is a complex business. There are so many things to consider – Planning, budgets, timescales, Building Regulations – and we juggle all of these. But sometimes it’s good to keep a space for something a little purer. So we’ll carve out a space for craftsmanship, for the art of making.

So much of what we do is bespoke, but this gives us the opportunity to go a little further, and gives you the chance to commission something truly special.  We’ll work with you to come up with an idea for this unexpected, artistic element – something that will make the project utterly distinctive and very much your own.

 We’ll set out upon this process of collaboration, exploration and experimentation together. It will have us thinking, talking and delving deep. First, we take a step back to reflect on every layer of your project. We’ll be considering its history, its materials, the details, the aesthetics. Then we experiment. We’ll test materials, form and function, until we know, almost instinctively, that we have our idea.

 Now you can leave it to us. To craft something so bespoke and individual to you, we draw on skills and traditions which go back generations and centuries. When we think about this pure space at the heart of every project, the idea of ‘craft’ always comes to mind. That word ‘bespoke’ resonates too – a word which, like ‘craft’, harks back to other times.


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