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Boscastle Road


Terraces of Victorian houses make our London streets both characterful and elegant. But sometimes the reality of the spaces at the back of each house – designed for a different era and a different way of living – don’t have quite the same appeal. Dark, disconnected from the garden and lacking any kind of flow, they often require a complete rethink.

 Here, a complete rethink meant renovation and reinvention on a grand scale: a four-storey vertical light well cutting through the whole of the property with a large roof light above; a vertical slot, glass bridge and double-height glass infill; and a full basement excavation. A project like this is a serious undertaking, both for us and for our clients, but we thrive on taking charge of everything – planning, cost consultancy, project management and every aspect of the architectural and interior design.

 That first step, securing planning permission, required a complex series of applications, with one particular element – the double-height glass infill – being granted on appeal. From our point of view, it was worth every bit of paperwork and every conversation with the planners. Now, at last, we could start to see this previously dark house come alive. It’s difficult to describe the effect of the light streaming in, or the effect of the large expanses of frameless glass against the original brickwork, or the feeling of unencumbered space. But for our clients, it’s been a joyful and life-changing transformation.

Photography by Nathalie Priem