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Boscastle Road


Creating interconnected spaces within the stacked floor plates of a typical London terrace property was at the core of the architectural idea behind this family home in Dartmouth Park.   The result is a four-storey vertical light well (with oversized roof light above) cutting through the whole of the property to the rear, which in itself is connected on ground floor and first floor to the rear extension by a vertical slot, glass bridge and a first-floor glass lantern flanking the original closet wing extension – all allowing an abundance of light and sound to penetrate the often isolated rear reception rooms and North facing extension. The inside of the rear façade becomes delicately detailed metal shelving, rising up from ground floor to second floor within the internal light well, to hold and display the owners’ extensive collection of books, art and ceramics.

Finkernagel Ross provided a full architectural and interior design service, coupled with project management including cost consultancy services. We secured planning consent for this project, which also includes a full basement excavation by a complex series of applications, one of which – for the double-height glass infill – was obtained through a successful appeal.

Photography by Nathalie Priem