So much happens around the dining table. It’s where we eat, drink, talk and celebrate. It’s where we come together at the end of the day, and where we gather with our friends and extended families. It needs to seat everyone comfortably, to be right for the space, robust enough to withstand everyday life, and grand enough for big occasions. If you’ve got every other detail of your home right, you’ll want to get this fundamental piece of furniture right too.

For this table, we combined a concrete top with brass legs, taking inspiration from the interior palette which swayed between the rawness of steel and concrete and the refinement of brass and gold. We made it long enough and wide enough to fill the large and airy dining space, and because it would have to withstand years of family life, we gave it a tough and resilient finish (we had it sealed five times in all).

We love the challenge of combining robustness and elegance, functionality and beauty, and this table is the perfect marriage of all of these. Nothing was left to chance, and every detail was carefully considered. For this family, we can’t imagine a more perfect table – and nor can they.