We like few things as much as a client presenting us with a new brief. Within every brief there’ll be an intellectual problem that we can start to grapple with. If we had to put it into words, we might say it was a search for meaning. And, for us, that’s a process of unlocking the beauty and usefulness of a building, and carrying this through into every detail, every material, every inch of space and light.

 In the early days of our practice, we were immersed in houses – beautiful, one-off houses which our clients loved living in. As they spread the word, so our portfolio expanded. Now you’ll still find us working on private houses, but just as often you’ll find us in conversation with enlightened developers and design-savvy commercial clients. It’s a balance of work we thrive on, and we enjoy taking our hard-won knowledge – and our ‘eureka moments’ – out of one kind of project and into an entirely different kind. It keeps us asking every time ‘What might be possible here?’.

 There’ll always be new conversations and new questions, even if this is a client we’ve worked with many times before who has over the years become our friend. And wherever we find ourselves, in our own urban neck of the woods or on a remote hillside far away, we’ll always be curious. We’ll always be breaking new ground.


Multi-Disciplinary Design . Project & Cost Management . Feasibility Studies . Visualisations .

Strategic Planning . Listed Building & Conservation Area Expertise