The Bookstop



This was a lovely problem to solve. The old library at the much-loved Aldersbrook Primary School is bursting at the seams, with too many books and too many readers. The staff, the parents and the children are desperate for a new one, but space and resources are in short supply. In this age of libraries closing up shop, that’s a challenge to grasp with both hands.

The ingenious solution? An old red double-decker bus parked up in the playground and kitted out with bookshelves, a reading zone and even a little performance space just outside. It will be playful, practical and exciting – a bright red beacon of information and inspiration, and a place for children to indulge their interests and their curiosity. We’re already imagining how the bus will come to a standstill at its new and permanent stop, how the books will line its walls, and how the children will flock here happily and in droves. We can’t wait to make it happen.