1:1 Exhibition



Every year the London Festival of Architecture chooses a new theme, and we immediately get to work thinking, designing and making. It’s an opportunity to step out of our usual roles, to leave our desks and to pick up our tools.

In 2015, the theme was ‘Work in Progress’. We’d been working on an extension to a listed building in Hampstead, and for a while we’d been obsessing over a key detail of the design. That one key detail signified everything we loved about the project – the meeting of old and new, the blurring of design, procurement and construction, and our unconventional, non-linear approach. We’d sketched that detail repeatedly, pored over it on screen and made intricate models, but there was one more thing which would ensure that we’d got to grips with every element: a full-scale, life-size mock-up.

And now we had our response to the 2015 theme: that 1:1 model would be the centrepiece for an exhibition showcasing this very particular work-in-progress. Once more, the London Festival of Architecture had given us a reason to push ourselves that little bit further, and to get hands-on with our materials.